Michael Elliott Moore

Upcoming Performances

4/20 Yorkshire Farms 7-11 4/21 Bridges St.Charles 7-11/5/4 Kozels 7-11 5/28 Wedding NYC 6/1 Kozels 7-11
7/20 Meadowgreens 7-11 8/11 Benefit Meadowgreens 5-11
8/25 Hudson Waterfont 6:30-7:00 Sweden Denmark Norway Cancelled this year.
Fri 11/23 Kozels 7-10 Sat 12/1 Winter Walk Hudson Valley Arts Center & CaMea Restaurant 5:30-11:00
Feb 13 2008 Hudson Valley Arts Center 8-10 Private Party
January 28th Hudson High School 1:30pm
May 2nd Columbia Memorial Hospital Benefit 10:00- 12:00
Flo Hayle Radio Show Thurs May 22 9:30am 1230AM Sun May 25th 93.5 FM 6:30am 1230AM 7:00am
Berkshire news network on lynching of Lamar Autery look at letter below Listen to radio show below also on my myspace page

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Michael wears Proclear Multifocal Toric Lenses made by Coopervision as prescribed by America's Best.

Congress.org - Letter to President Barack Obama (D): Lynching in Hudson NY
Lynchings in Hudson, NY Radio Program